Resin Driveway in St. Ives

Resin aggregate: Sweat pea

Edging: Whitby sets

Location: St Ives, Cambridgeshire

This was an overlay on an existing tarmac drive so the whole job was completed in two days.

Job Description

Resin Bound Gravel 75m2
– Existing Tarmac or concrete surface will be plained as appropriate to alter levels
– New areas of tarmac base put in where applicable ( Approx 10m2 to be cut out where there is 2 large dips next to wall )
– Install Sandstone Edging setts around the whole perimeter of the drive
– Fully remove any Algae or fungal that may be present
– Any damaged areas or cracks will require treatment and repair prior to the application of the resin
– Any contaminates such as oil or traffic film will require removal with a suitable de-greaser
– The resin is mixed precisely with activator
– Using force action mixer resin and gravel is combined
– Resin bounded mixture is then spread and regulated over the area using aluminium copings and spread by trowel to a uniform thickness 15-18mm where vehicles are traveling.