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Everything there is to know about Resin Driveways


Rejuvenating your existing driveway or creating a fascinating look for a newly laid one using a durable, safe and pleasing surface material is not always an easy choice. Resin bound gravel aggregates and aggregate mixtures available at Resin Bound Gravel can, however, accomplish exactly that to provide a unique and stylish finish to transform your driveway into an extremely attractive, permeable and durable surface at the most economical price.

Resin Driveways offer manifold benefits apart from looking dazzlingly beautiful as they do.  Along with their features like permeability, durability, easy maintenance, their sleek and simplified aesthetics are extremely long lasting giving you that same refreshing finish year after year.

A Resin Driveway is a mix of naturally occurring aggregates which are mixed in a high quality resin compound to create permeable driving surfaces. Since the aggregates retain their natural gaps, it gives them their porous nature thereby enabling water to drain away easily making them a better long term option.  Resin Driveways are hence a self contained surface layer that is sturdy enough to take foot traffic as well as heavy vehicular load.

The article will aim to give you some concentrated information on all aspects of Resin Driveways; from the basics of the different layers which are laid down in the process, a brief on the practical aspects of laying down a Resin Driveway, the maintenance requirements and the benefits that a house owner gets when choosing a Resin Driveway in place of traditional options like concrete or brick paving.

The Different Layers that form a Resin Driveway

Following are the key installation levels while constructing a Resin Driveway:

  1. Sub Base: Sub base material selection usually depends on the volume of traffic and the load that is estimated on the Resin Driveway. A sub base can be made out of various materials like tarmac, concrete or macadam. The ground is first leveled by excavation and removal of debris, weeds, and leveling of any other bumps and dips. That said, any minor dips left out at the sub base level can also be smoothened out while laying the base or the resin surface.
  2. The Base: This is by definition the layer that sits on top of the sub base layer. Together, the sub base and the base layer are called the Substrate. The base layer is generally made up of bituminous macadam. In a good number of cases where service are called for creating a Resin Driveway over a pre existing driveway, there already exists a bituminous macadam surface which can be used as a base layer for laying a resin surface.  However, various small tasks need to be carried out before using the existing macadam surface as a base layer. It is important to remove the weeds or any algal growths as well as ensure that the surface is completely dry and free of any debris. In some cases, the existing base surface might also need to be smoothened to a perfect gradation before applying the top most resin layer.
  3. Resin Surface: This is the top most layer of the construction and needs to be laid down with extreme caution to get a smooth leveled out finish. The surface is made up of aggregates or aggregate mixtures which generally comprise of naturally occurring stones, crushed rock and recycled crushed glass and resin which is a binding as well as a hardening agent and gives the surface its overall strength. Resin plus aggregate mixture is laid out at different thickness levels depending on the usage predicted by the customers. For a regular pedestrian use, a 15 mm resin plus aggregate layer is sufficient (provided that there is a strong sub base layer to support the same). For regular household driveways where light foot traffic along with moderate vehicle movement is required, an 18 mm thickness is generally recommended. For high traffic zones such as industrial premises, corporate houses, etc where heavy traffic load is required to be undertaken, a 25mm thickness is suggested.

While building on an existing driveway is a faster process since the base layer already exists in most cases, a new Resin Driveway needs to create additional features like edges which envelop or provide a containing boundary for the material.

When working with Resin Bound Gravel you can be assured to get the best possible aggregate as well as resin quality along with our driveways being completely SUDs compliant and durable.

The Construction Process

Constructing a successful Resin Driveway is an art and requires skilled man force along with a thorough understanding of the client’s needs as well as the existing conditions. With our experience in constructing different Resin Driveways, we understand that there are a few key points that need to be considered to successfully create a Resin Driveway. Following is the list of some of the main factors that count while planning a Resin Driveway:

  • The intended use of the surface
  • The total area to be covered
  • Pre existing surface, and it’s condition
  • Type of sub base level
  • The season as well as the overall weather conditions in the area
  • The needs of the client with respect to colour, pattern, finish the as well as the overall architecture of the house, etc.

Having worked on numerous Resin Driveway projects, we know that each in itself is unique.  While some can be immediately taken up, others require more planning as well as preparation works.

Following is a brief on the laying process for a Resin Driveway:

  1. Preparing the existing surface/Excavation:

Preparation works are extremely crucial when it comes to a resin bound driveway and need to be executed extremely professionally in order to achieve a successful final laying. When a new driveway is required to be installed, the sub base works need a digger to clean up all the existing debris, shrubs and weeds. For installations on an existing driveway, old damaged pieces of the paving or bricks, etc are carefully removed while creating a leveled surface for laying down the base. Additionally, an edging is created if there already isn’t an existing one. This is done by using a combination of cement and sand which is used to create a solid and clear line that works as a boundary to prevent any risk of subsidence.

  1. Preparation of Base:

As explained earlier, the choice of material for base layer depends on the extent of usage perceived for the surface. Concrete or bituminous macadam are generally used to create a base layer for the driveways. Concrete is the preferred choice when high strength is required.

  1. Choosing the Material and Mixing:

Once a dry and weed free surface has been ensured, the next step is to choose the resin as well as the aggregates. Resin Bound Gravel offers around twenty one different types of aggregates and twenty five different types of aggregate mixtures which can be combined to form different designs and patterns. The size of these aggregates also varies from 2mm to 10mm. As per the requirements and colour choices of the client, the best possible material is identified. Additionally, the resin is available in two basic choices: Standard and UV stabilized resin. While standard resin is relatively easier on the pocket, our UV stable variety offers additional durability and will give you the same shining colour year after year without showing any signs of fading due to sunlight exposure. Some colours like Black and Silver which are more prone to show the effects of fading are installed only using UV stabilized resin.

With the resin and the aggregate selection done, the next step is to combine the two to create a resin bound aggregate layer. While complying with surfacing trade regulations, the two components are mixed in appropriate ratios at the right temperature (generally kept between 5 degree Celsius to 25 degree Celsius) to keep the resin at the required thickness level. Going to higher temperature ranges makes the resin thin and flowy which then seeps into the lower layers of the surface threatening aggregate disintegration. This is the reason we prefer to start our work in the early morning hours for our summer orders. The aggregates(usually available in 25 kg bags) are opened and piled, and a suitable amount of resin is calculated by our experts per 100 kgs of the aggregate batch. Resin quantities are different for different aggregates. All mixing specifications are clearly laid out on the material packages, and we pay special attention to adhere to the same. Installers/Mixers are kept at the site which takes about two minutes to mix the aggregates thoroughly with the resin to create a grainy yet clay like composition which can be fitted as a surface material. These equipment are designed to hold roughly 100 kg of the aggregates which is a good amount to get the work on a driveway done in the minimum possible time.

  1. Laying the Resin Bound Surface:

This is the most critical stage while laying down a Resin Driveway. Once the mixture is prepared using a mixing equipment, the material is loaded in wheelbarrows and poured on to the prepared base. Hand toweling is the preferred method since it is the most precise way to obtain the required thickness and consistency as well as to smoothen out any bums or dips left out in the base layer. The hand troweling technique involves appropriately pressing the material to create a bump free, tight and smooth looking surface. Since our resins are of the best possible quality, the resin surfaces have superior adhesive qualities, and there is no need for an additional sticky primer to get all layers to stick together or bond well with the base. The resin in itself ensures it all.

Once the material is laid down all over the planned surface, it is left for 4-5 hours for all the bonds to be well-formed before it can be used for walking over. Another 24 hours of rest and the driveways are ready to be driven over.

As mentioned, mixing the aggregates and resin is a crucial step in constructing a Resin Driveway. The right temperature along with the correct resin to aggregate ration is critical to achieving the best possible results. It is important to ensure that you get the best professional advice when it comes to purchasing the resin and aggregate quantities. A lesser aggregate quantity might be very appealing since it will substantially cut down your costs, however, the same may make your driveway less durable in the long run as well as affect the finished looks of the driveway. Similarly, using less resin quantities or going for poor quality resin may seriously affect the long term durability and strength of the Resin Driveway.

Using the best standard products as well as going with the best possible professional advice is needed to understand the exact quantum of work required on your driveway as well as the correct quantity of materials required.

The Cost

Various factors contribute to the overall cost of a Resin Driveway. The overall area of the surface that needs to be covered to create the driveway is one of the most important contributors towards the overall cost. A larger are not just requires larger material and resin but also calls for more labour which is an added cost. The depth at which the aggregate is required to be laid affects the total quantity of material required to be purchased and hence has a big implication on the overall costs.

Secondly, the size and choice of material also has a bearing on the overall cost. While all the aggregates and aggregate mixtures enlisted with Resin Bound Gravel are extremely competitively priced, their cost varies from one to another. Different materials like natural stones, marble, recycled materials, etc. are priced differently based on their particle cut size, polish, and colour. Driveways generally use an aggregate size close to 6mm and a depth of 18mm. However, the same may vary depending on the site conditions.

Costs are also dependent on the underlying surface (the pre existing base level) on which resin and aggregate mixture is to be laid down. For an already well and stable base layer, the preparation works which include excavation, leveling, repairing, etc may be much less as compared to a new site which largely affects the overall cost of the work.  For new driveways, there is also an additional need to create stable boundaries like concrete edges or brick lining which is an added cost. However, for locations where the same already exists, the cost is cut down from the overall project cost.

Labour requirement really depends on each individual project and the project site. For simple and easy to access site where the cost of transportation, haulage, etc. is less, the overall costs are significantly less as compared to areas with difficult access or more labor intensive conditions.

All said, most projects fall between the range of £50 to £70 per square meter of basic cost. Even with the same or considering a higher end initial cost, Resin Driveways are an extremely cost effective solution for long term financial gains. With their zero maintenance and strong, sturdy surfaces which last endlessly, they prove to be a much more financially beneficial solution for homeowners.

Maintenance Requirements

It goes without saying that taking care of your driveways and putting in some regular maintenance efforts will add years to any surface. However, when it comes to Resin Driveways, almost minimal to no maintenance efforts can still keep your driveway surface looking attractive and polished for years to me. This is perhaps one of the most attractive features of Resin Driveways which draw a good number of clients from both commercial and residential sector. Resin plus aggregate mixture being an ultra low maintenance material will take the least possible effort and attention while still keep looking as dazzling as new.

Following are some good pointers to remember while maintaining your Resin Driveways in the long term post installation:

Avoid strong chemicals strictly when it comes to Resin Driveways. Remember that resin in itself is a chemical product and will react to any chemicals that you use to clean the surface. The reaction will end up loosening the resin aggregate bonds and will degrade the surface faster. Natural alternatives like a mixture of gentle soap and water used once in a while is a much better and advisable option.

A gentle spray with your hose or jet wash is good enough when it comes to cleaning your resin surfaces. The resin is naturally much more resistant to stains than regular driveway materials like concrete and hence can be easily cleaned using water. For everyday maintenance, using a regular long handle broom to sweep the surface is a quick and easy option to keep your Resin Driveways looking great.

Oil spillages sometimes may react with the resin and penetrate to the deeper levels. To avoid the same, clean up your oil spillages using a gentle spray from a hose or by using a regular soap and water mixture.

Long frost days with prevalent icy conditions can easily be tackled by sprinkling some salt and grit on the surface of the Resin Driveway. Avoid using sharp edged equipment to thaw the ice on your Resin Driveway to prevent any damage or cuts happening to the surface.

While Resin Driveways are extremely sturdy options and withstand various pressure as well as weather conditions on the long run; it is advisable to refrain from adding heavy loads on the driveway for the first few weeks. This will allow the Resin Driveway to settle as well as the bonds to be well established to withstand heavy weights regularly.

Additionally, avoid dragging heavy objects across the surface during the initial few weeks after the driveway has been installed. The more time you give to your Resin Driveways, the better they will be prepared to withstand the test of time.

The Benefits: Why Go for a Resin Driveway?

One of the biggest reasons that clients prefer resin driveways over traditional surfacing options is because of its sleek and modern looks which add glamour to the overall looks of a property. Any regular and ordinary looking driveway can instantly e transformed into a super trendy one by adding a layer of the resin mixture. In most of our cases, these driveways in themselves serve as a focal point for the property. Additionally, the aggregates and aggregate mixtures come in a wide range of colours, shades, and sizes. At Resin Bound Gravel, our product range exceeds over forty five options. The customers can choose from these options and select a material which matches their needs as well as suits the colour theme of their property. A good number of customers also like to opt for multiple materials to create various designs and patterns using our expert help.

Another reason for Resin Driveways to gain popularity is because of their ease of installation. A complete driveway project can be completed within a few hours to one day depending on the extent of preparatory works required using simple machinery and by clearly avoiding the nuisance of bringing in heavy duty machinery to the property. The installation is an easy process as has been specified in the sections above. And what’s more, once laid down, the material is quick to settle. Resin immediately starts forming bonds and is ready for a walk over within six to seven hours of installation. Heavy loads like vehicles can start using the driveway after 24 hours of installation.

Resin is also completely SUDs compliant and hence enables water to drain naturally without the requirement for creating additional systems. With other surfacing options, surface water built up can seriously hamper the overall functionality of the driveway. Resin being completely porous is hence a much more long lasting solution.

Resin is also an extremely durable material which makes it an excellent choice for driveway surfacing. The high strength and durability along with its super permeable nature accounts for its long life span which brings value to the customer’s investment. The material due to its top most layer of resin is weather resistant and can sustain most kinds of extreme weather conditions from torrential downpours to extremely icy and frosty conditions or even conditions of severe heat. The material is also strong enough to sustain high pressure conditions like a heavy load, etc. especially as compared to traditional materials like concrete or tarmac which crack with the slightest of pressure.  The quality aspects of Resin Driveways is hence undeniable, and with appropriate aftercare, as has been mentioned in the sections above, a resin driveway can look as good as new for years to come.  Resin Driveways can usually last a minimum of 15 years and may extend much beyond the same with some minimal maintenance efforts.

The resin layer also prevents invasions from weeds or other turf grasses since it does not present open cracked surfaces for the same. Like traditional surfacing solutions, it is not required to pick out weeds from your driveway every once in a while to make them look clean and nice. Resin Driveways once laid will present the same dazzling clean looks for a very long period of time. And what’s more, being extremely stain resistant, resin also does not call for extensive cleaning efforts. A simple sweeping of the surface to remove any sand and debris is or washing the surface using a regular hose spray is often sufficient to get the job done. With such minimal maintenance efforts, resin surfacing is a very convenient option for property owners in the long run.

So why choose a resin driveway? The following points summarize the answer:

  1. Resin Driveways beautifully stand the test of time. The material is sufficiently sturdy as well as flexible to take in tough situations like extreme weather or pressure/load conditions without showing any signs of wear and tear. With adequate maintenance efforts, the resin surfaces can continue looking great year after year without the need for spending additional financial resources.
  2. The wide choice of colours and shades which can be chosen to match the property and blend in with the overall external ambiance of the premises is one of the most attractive features when it comes to attracting customers.
  3. The quick installation is another worry taken care of. Your resin driveways can be installed within a couple of days (depending on the extent of preparatory works) and are ready to be walked over within a few hours of installation. You can even drive over the surface a day (24 hours) after the installation.
  4. With the torrential downpours getting more frequent, the government has recently put in restrictions on homeowners to prevent creating non porous hardscaped surfaces on their soil and grassy areas. It is mandatory to use surfacing options which allow for natural drainage of water. Resin being completely porous in nature prevents pooling or puddling over the surface by allowing the water to pass through effectively. No additional drainage systems are hence needed.
  5. Because of their advanced cellular composition, resin driveways are far more resistant to weed growth as compared to options like gravel.
  6. Being SUDs compliant, the resin driveways do not need any additional planning permissions which are needed when using traditional surfacing material which requires rainwater channeling systems to be installed along with. With Resin Driveways, water naturally percolates to the ground without affecting the surface.

It can hence be safely said that resin driveways completely outperform their traditional counterparts. Their track record proves them way superior to other traditional surfacing material like concrete, gravel, tarmac, etc. And the factors that make it outperform is not difficult to enlist.

  • Extremely strong and durable
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Permeable surfaces leaving no room for a puddling mess
  • Weed resistant
  • Can be completely customized to the client’s needs
  • Made out of anti slip technology, they offer high friction and are completely safe to walk on
  • Quick and hassle free installation

A true Environment Friendly Solution

Any development done sustainably keeping the environment at the forefront is the need for future. The same is true while constructing a property or even working on a smaller area like a driveway. Resin bound aggregates allow you to do exactly that. With its unparalleled environmental friendly credentials, resin driveways are definitely the clear winner and stand out amongst the traditional surfacing choices.

Being completely SUD compliant, the driveways have a completely porous surface which is a huge step in managing surface water runoff. Even in the event of heavy rainfall, the water simply soaks in through the resin and aggregate layers and drains naturally to the water table beneath.

The material is also extremely non toxic and safe for the surrounding flora as well as for pets which makes it an environmentalist’s clear choice.

Building Your Resin Driveway with Us

Resin Bound Gravel is a group of qualified specialists with years of experience in both commercial as well as residential resin driveway installations. Being one of UK’s most trusted brand, we love to keep our customers satisfied which is the company’s first objective.

With over 25 years of managing projects within various sectors, we hold a thorough expertise on the smallest details of laying resin driveways. Our passion in our work, as well as pride in our team of experts, show sufficiently in our completed projects. With our diverse experience in other construction fields, we are capable of adding value to optimize the application of resin surfaces. We ensure that our equipments, as well as the team, are updated with the latest advances in the technology as well as the application of resin bound gravel. This gives us a clear edge in the market making us unparalleled when it comes to providing the highest quality of services.

Our range of aggregates and aggregate mixtures is possibly the biggest that you will ever find in the market. With over 45 different shades and varieties available, you can be sure always to find the colour and shade that you desire. Our team of professionals also ensure to work closely with the clients in deciding the best option for their driveway considering their outdoor ambiance, colour theme as well as the extent of usage of the driveway.  We also have expert team members who specialize in creating designs and have a wide variety of pattern options available, which the customers can choose from.  From easy to blend options like “Dazzling Honey” to strikingly unique “Rustic” or “Raven Wonder,” we have it all.

With such a wide range of products available, we also provide some of the most competitive prices in the industry. 

All our projects come with a comprehensive ten year guarantee, providing assurance against loose stones, cracking, oil damage, UV degradation, colour fading, weather damage, etc. We have an unending stock of materials which can always be delivered promptly on the very next day of you ordering from us!