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No.1 Installer of  Resin Bound Gravel Driveways

Resin Bound Gravel provides affordable Resin Driveways, durable, stylish, low-maintenance and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional asphalt, gravel, decking or paving slabs.

We are passionate about what we do and pride ourselves on producing the exciting, original work that Resin Bound Gravel allows. We are more than builders; we are construction experts from diverse, yet complimentary fields, whose combined knowledge and experience are crucial in allowing us to optimise the application of this versatile paving system.

Resin Bound Gravel Ltd. has a 25-year tradition of excellence, hard work and a can-do attitude when providing paving services in the residential, commercial, civil infrastructure and heavy industrial markets.

Our range of Resin Bound Gravel is constantly evolving, meaning we can always offer the latest advances in superior Resin Bound Gravel paving solutions to our customers. Every member of our Team is committed to providing an unparalleled level of service and quality and always aims to exceed our customers’ expectations – this is why we’re the UK’s No.1 supplier and installer of Resin Bound Gravel.

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Rich Rustic Charm

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Brownie Special

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Small Precious Memories

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Silver Ice

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Dazzling Honey

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Honey Dew

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Shining Coast

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Why Resin Bound Gravel

So you noticed your friend’s new awesome looking driveway and set your heart upon wanting a similar looking one? And when you researched, you realized that the material used is called resin bound gravel, right? Well, research further, and you will see that resin bound gravel is not just visually aesthetic but also an extremely cost effective, no maintenance, easy to install and highly durable material. With its host of benefits, there is no doubt why new homeowners are eyeing the material with so much interest and largely considering it as their preferred paving material for the driveways and pathways. And not just that, a good number of house owners are considering resin bound material for their already existing driveways as well.

Resin Bound Gravel Benefits

One of the foremost reasons for prospective customers to choose resin bound gravel as their next driveway paving option is its super trendy and modern look which gives their driveways an immediate glamour quotient. A regular and ordinary looking driveway could instantly get transformed into an ultra modern one to suddenly become one of the focal points of your outdoor spaces.  And what’s more, resin bound gravel comes in a wide range of more than forty different colours and sizes. There is hence a wide variety available to choose from when it comes to creating new designs using different colour combinations. Customers love the flexibility of creating various designs and patterns using different shades and colours of resin bound gravel.

Resin bound gravel is also a preferred option for many customers because of it’s ease of installation. An entire driveway project can be completed within a few hours to one day depending on the extent of preparatory works required. Additionally, no heavy duty machinery is necessary to lift and install the material as is the case with traditional paving material like stones, brick, etc.  

Resin Bound Gravel Installation

Additionally, the installation itself is a straightforward process when it comes to resin bound gravel. It merely requires you to measure the quantity of material needed by your driveway based on area and depth needed to be covered and then laying it down over the driveway area. Once laid down, the material is quick to settle. The resin starts bonding immediately and is ready for a walk over within six to seven hours of installation. Heavy loads like vehicles can start using the driveway after 24 hours of installation.

Resin Bound Gravel Durability

Talking about durability, resin bound gravel makes for an excellent choice and attracts its customers due to the maintenance free long life span that they get out of their one time investment. The material because of its top most layer of resin is weather resistant and can sustain most kinds of extreme weather conditions. Additionally, the material is strong  enough to sustain high pressure conditions like heavy load, etc. which makes it highly durable and a wonderful option for those considering a long term solution for their driveways. Resin bound gravel driveways usually last a minimum of fifteen years and may extend much beyond that depending on the usage.

Maintenance Free

One of the most attractive features for customers is the minimal to no maintenance requirement when it comes to resin bound gravel. The material is highly porous in nature and hence allows for sufficient drainage thereby minimalising any water logging or other drainage related issues. Additionally, the top most layer of resin seals the material so as to prevent any invasions from weeds or grasses in between its cracks. It is hence not required to pick out weeds from your driveway every once in a while. A resin bound driveway once laid remains as good as ever for a long period of time. Additionally, it does not need extensive cleaning efforts on a regular basis. A simple sweeping of the surface to remove any sand and debris is usually sufficient to keep it looking clean. You may once in a while wash the surface using a regular hose spray, and the job is done. Since the efforts required to keep it looking amazing are almost negligible, most house owners find it a very convenient option to adopt in the long run.

Considering all the above factors, resin bound gravel is also a very cost effective solution which makes it a clear winner when it comes to paving solution. With a onetime cost input, owners get a maintenance free paving solution for the next 15 to 20 years which makes it worth the cost. Additionally, they find it much more cost effective to save on the labour and transportation costs when compared to the traditional bulky to lift paving options like bricks or concrete slabs.

Considering resin bound gravel for driveways is hence a win-win situation for homeowners considering all the above factors which definitely justifies its growing popularity in the market.

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