Choosing the Right Resin Bound Gravel

Choosing the Right Resin Bound Gravel

If resin bound gravel is what you’ve set your heart on for your next driveway paving material, be assured that your choice is as perfect as it could be. Resin bound gravel which primarily is a mixture of natural aggregates topped with a layer of clear resin is fast becoming the first choice of new homeowners as well as those looking to re-do their existing driveways or pathways. A professional application of the material on a driveway is sufficient to instantly modernize your driveway and make it look posh and trendy.

Resin bound gravel also comes in a wide range of sizes, textures, and colours. This gives the customers multiple options to choose from as well as different combinations and designs to create. However, choosing the perfect colours and creating good designs does not ensure longevity to your driveway’s length.  It is important to select the right brand which is capable of supplying you the best quality product for paving your driveways. And choosing the right brand is not always an easy proposition. Sometimes, it can be very tricky to judge amongst the pros and cons offered by different brands in order to get the best value and cost efficiency out of your chosen product.  Choosing the right brand for resin bound gravel requires extensive market research. Following are some of the key factors required to be considered before choosing a brand:


  1. If you are trying out resin bound gravel for the first time, it is recommended that you go with a known brand which has already established its quality in the market. Additionally, it will be easier to look for reviews on known and established brands rather than new brands. Ensure that the brand you choose has a good record in terms of reputation.  Choosing a reputed brand with good overall history will go a long way in ensuring that you get the best project outcomes.

  2. Make sure that the brand that you choose produces good quality material. If required, buy a small sample of the material and get it checked with established landscapers or professionals in the sector.

  3. Make sure that the brand you choose provides a longer durability in terms of life. Additionally, ensure that the looks remain same all through the products irrespective of the extent of usage, traffic or load. Do not go with a material simply because it looks more appealing at the first look. Give more weight to the long term durability and properties like weather resistance.

  4. Ensure that the material you use comes with the best quality resin to make the topmost layer of the paving. The better the resin quality, the longer would be the life of the driveway surface. Also, ensure that the resin that your selected brand provides is of a weather resistant quality in order to remain looking good even under extreme weather conditions.

  5. Ensure that the material you choose comes with an eco friendly label. Make sure that the resin layer is safe and has no side effects to the nearby soil as well as to those using it regularly. This is especially required in cases where there are children or pets in the house.

  6. Additionally, ensure that the brand you choose complies with all local construction material regulations.  Any issue with these regulations may end up causing a lot of troubles once you start the project. Since the market is often flooded with various national as well as international brands, ensure that your chosen brand complies with the regulations of your region.

  7. If you plan to take up the project on your own without getting professional help, ensure that the brand you choose provides DIY kits. These kits come in smaller packaged quantities and are provided with ready to mix proportions which are easy to manage when one wants to manage the project on their own.


Finally, when going for choosing a resin bound gravel brand, keep up your patience and do the required ground work before selecting the best brand for your project. Since you have already spent the time to select resin bound gravel as your next paving option, give it a little more time and select the best possible brand which suits your needs as well as pocket.

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Every Resin Bound Gravel project is backed by a comprehensive 10 year guarantee, providing assurance against loose stones; cracking; oil damage; UV degradation; colour change; frost damage and workmanship (when installed by an Approved Installer).