Resin Bound Gravel Maintenance


Resin Bound Gravel Maintenance

Resin bound gravel is a good choice and one of the best long term solution when one is considering to pave a driveway. It is not just easy to install and cost effective, it offers long term durability and hence a comparatively longer life span as compared to the traditional material choices. Resin bound gravel is also a very pleasing option when you need stylish looks and a trendy feeling as an overall outcome. That said, it does not just look which attract the prospective customers. It is also the long term durability and ease of maintenance that makes it a complete winner in the world of paving.

Given its features like aggregate strength and porosity, resin bound gravel is a highly durable material and can last fifteen years or more if you select a good brand. And depending on the extent of usage and the kind of traffic falling on the surface, you could end up getting an even longer life than that.

Resin bound gravel is laid down in four layers amongst which the topmost layer of the material is sealed with resin which is weather resistant. This is what makes the material highly durable in nature in extremely cold or hot conditions.  And not just that, the durability is also proven in conditions of extreme pressure like heavy vehicle load.

It need not be elaborated that taking care of the driveways post installation of your driveways post installation to add more years to your gravel surface. However, resin bound gravel calls for minimal to no maintenance and yet keeps looking good and attractive year after year. This is a big reason why an increasing number of commercial and residential properties are choosing it as their preferred paving solution.


All said, adding some basic care once in a while will ensure an even longer life along with good looks for your driveways. Following are some excellent post installment care tips:


  1. The first tip perhaps is to ensure that you purchase the best available quality of resin bound gravel. Read the packaging to understand the type of resin used and make sure that it is of good quality. The type of resin used plays a very critical role in the overall life and durability of the resin bound gravel. Since resin occupies the topmost layer of the aggregate when it is laid down, it is the key material which provides resistance to weather and pressure conditions during usage. An inferior quality of resin will call for surface erosion within a few years and severely deter the looks as well as sustainability of the material.

  2. It is best advised to seek professional help for installation so as to get the job done keeping all the installation guidelines in view. And yes, make no exception while following the guidelines. Ensure that the project is completed during good lighting conditions, preferably during the day. Also, make sure that your pre existing surface is clean and dry before installing resin bound gravel.

  3. Allow the installation to rest for a day or preferably more before adding heavy pressure like vehicles on it. Hence, it is best to avoid driving for the initial day or so after installation and give sufficient time to the resin to set and dry up. Plan your vehicle parking and commuting a few days before laying down the gravel so as to avoid any damage to the newly laid down surface.

  4. It is best to also avoid footfall on the driveway for around six to twelve hours after installation which will give the resin sufficient time to dry up.

  5. Resin bound driveways do not call for result maintenance and will hence keep looking good without any efforts being made towards the same. That said, it is advised to gently clean the surface once in a while using light water spray or a pressure hose to wash the dust away. Make sure that you do not use too much pressure to erode the surface.

  6. You can also use a regular long handle broom to sweep the surface.

  7. Absolutely avoid using chemical based cleaning agents since these will most likely react with the resin and corrode the surface, hence damaging the paving.

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Every Resin Bound Gravel project is backed by a comprehensive 10 year guarantee, providing assurance against loose stones; cracking; oil damage; UV degradation; colour change; frost damage and workmanship (when installed by an Approved Installer).