Resin Driveway in Royston

Job Description

Resin Bound Gravel (new preparation)

– 101M2

– Excavate area to a depth of 200mm

– Edging will be installed or adjusted as necessary to take resin

– Beds will be retained using Marshalls KL edgings (with bull nose)


– A decorative block paver will run the perimeter 100mm wide (100x200mm marshalls driveline in


– Resin selection Transcendence (red and buff stone)

– Geotextile membrane installed

– 100mm MOT type 1 base levelled and compacted (with roller)

– SMA Base course tarmac compacted in layers making up 75mm.

– Drive will be left for a period to allow tarmac to cure.

– The resin is mixed precisely with activator

– Using force action mixer resin and gravel is combined

– Resin bounded mixture is then spread and regulated over the area using aluminum copings and spread by trowel to a uniform thickness 18 mm -20 mm where vehicles are traveling and 12 mm for pedestrian use.

If more economical we will use 100mm of C45 concrete with synthetic fibres instead of Tarmac

When doing so we will core drill 20-30 mm holes throughout the base to assist with drainage and permeability.

Gate and section of fencing.

– T&G gate

– 3x hinges

– bolt

– suffolk latch

Remove laurels with digger

Dwarf wall.

3 courses and soldier course.